Hi, I am Caroline. I live in Johannesburg but have been lucky enough to travel and see many parts of the World. I am married with 3 wonderful, happy children and my husband Brian is my greatest support and best friend.

Growing up in a big family we were encouraged to travel, to follow our dreams and to be ourselves. To work doing what we enjoyed most and follow our passion. This idea has always been my guide and pointer along the way.

I love being outdoors and walking my dogs and I love spending time with my family. There is nothing better than a meal at the kitchen table in the happy place that we call home.

My shoots are done on location and in your home or at my studio in Johannesburg. Wherever you feel most comfortable and happy is where we will capture the best memories.

I started my photography training whilst living and working overseas in 2001 when I started doing part-time courses. In 2003 when I arrived back in South Africa I completed a 1 year full-time course in Pretoria with The National College of Photography and my dream of becoming a photographer began. We shot on film and projected our images onto a large screen where we would crit them in front of the class. 

After college I worked in a broad range of sectors and was then fortunate enough to meet and assist Mike Pawley (one of South Africa's top photographers). Here I learnt more about running a business and shooting Digital. I was lucky enough to work with Hasselblad cameras which opened up a whole new world of photography to me. We photographed hotels and casinos, celebrities and cars. I learnt about lighting and studios and working with clients, models and agents. Although I loved every minute of it I realised that this was not 'me' and what I really wanted was to be photographing families and children and capturing special moments in time. 

I then followed my own path and have been building the blocks to where I am today, working doing what I love most. Although having kids has kept me very busy it has also made me realise that it is up to me to make my business work and take it to where it will fly and that this is where I want to be.